Bricks Experiment

A Bricks Builder Experiment

Jamie Marsland @ • 8 months ago

Jamie Marsland shared a video on Twitter where he did an experiment. He tried to use Bricks without doing any training first. It was a bit painful to watch because I would have expected Jamie to have noticed the “Templates” menu, which is a common feature with the Site Editor, and the Border styling for rounded corners, which is common with the Gutenberg block options. However, when everything is unfamiliar it is easy to missing things.

I think the video highlights some of the pain points for new users of tools like Bricks. Bricks, Oxygen, and Cwicly allow you to create all of the templates for your site. They don’t just allow it, but require you to do so. This is a large connotative disconnect for new users. It would be better, I think, to provide a very basic set of templates, like wire frames, for people to get started. I actually thought Bricks did that, but perhaps that is in the child theme(?). Cwicly doesn’t.

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