cwicly spotlight 3

Cwicly Spotlight: Components and Tailwind

Louis-Alexander Désiré @ • 1 year ago

The Cwicly Spotlight #3 was a mind bomb – Louis-Alexander Désiré outlined two related mega features that are coming soon. The first is the introduction of Components which is like reusable blocks on steroids. The second is the introduction of Tailwind. The way they are implementing Tailwind there won’t be a slowdown in the editor and only classes you add will be included in the Tailwind style sheet. You will be able to use Tailwind components.

You will be able to turn Tailwind on or off, for those who don’t want to use it or prefer a different framework, but the Cwicly library will use Tailwind, which will allow them to provide pre-designed content that is consistently styled.

The were hints how this will play into a future Cwicly theme builder. A very exciting time ahead for Cwicly users.

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