Mainwp Data Breach

MainWP Security Alert

Dennis Dormon @ • 2 months ago

A security researcher alerted MainWP that some customer account information had been found in a large dump of compromised accounts. The notification says the accounts may be ones where users reused their credentials on multiple sites. MainWP reset all passwords and are requiring two factor authentication going forward. The account information is logging into the MainWP website, not ones related to connected sites.

management consoles used to hack sites

WordPress Sites Attacked Via Management Consoles

Thomas Raef @ • 9 months ago

Yikes, this is scary. Thomas J. Raef reports that WordPress management consoles such as ManageWP, WPUmbrella, and MainWP have been used to compromise connected child sites. It seems the exact way the parent sites are being compromised is not certain, but possibly from site admins using open WiFi networks. There isn’t an indication that ManageWP, WPUmbrella, or MainWP themselves have been hacked.

Manage Hosting Tasks with MainWP Extension for Pressable

Dennis Doron @ • 1 year ago

Pressable hosting has partnered with MainWP to create an extension that lets you create and manage Pressable websites from your MainWP dashboard.

This would be a boon for users of both Pressable and MainWP. However, I expect there may not be that many currently using both. What this does, is gives Pressable a quick dashboard so their users can manage multiple sites. For other hosting companies it may suggest an option worth pursuing.