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Upcoming Changes to Patchstack Service

David McCan @ • 2 months ago

Patchstack is changing their service to focus more on prevention. Beginning May 1st they plan to: 1) Discontinue the Incident Response service. 2) Change the settings controls so they will be read only on the site via the plugin, and you will change them on the central Patchstack dashboard. 3) Discontinue the Site Scanning feature that checks your sites and gave hardening suggestions.

Patchstack New Pricing

Patchstack Adjusts Pricing for Individuals and Small Agencies

 • 5 months ago

Good news from Patchstack for individuals and small agencies. Based on community feedback they have now updated their Community Plan options and pricing. The Community Plan used to include only up to 10 sites for vulnerability detection, but no real time protection. Real time protection used to cost $9 per month a site additional.

Now real time protection is only $5 per month per site additional. So to add real time protection for a single site is only $60 a year.

Also, if you need more than 10 sites in the Community Plan you can pay $49 a month to extend that to 50 sites (still with an additional $5 per site per month for real time protection).

These changes fill the gap between the Community Plan and the higher number of sites / real time protection included Developer Plan.

By the way, this makes Patchstack less expensive for vPatching real time protection than Wordfence.

Patchstack Priority

Patchstack New Feature

Oliver Sid @ • 7 months ago

Patchstack has a new feature, Patchstack Priority. What I gather from the announcement is that it is another rating system in addition to the CVSS score. The Patchstack Priority is meant to indicate how likely the immediate threat is and how quickly you should respond.

I always update vulnerable plugins immediately, so I’m not sure how helpful this will be for me, though it is good to know if there are active exploits.