Kadence Vs Site Editor

Speed Build Challenge with Ben Ritner and Justin Tadlock

Jamie Marsland @ youtube.com • 2 months ago

This was interesting. Ben Ritner from Kadence used Kadence Theme and Kadence Blocks to create the home page of the Rolling Stone website. Justin Tadlock used Gutenberg for the challenge. They had 30 minutes to see how far they could get. It seemed like Ben was going a little faster and smoother. I was surprised that Justin didn’t work in the Site Editor, but in a page. He brought his own custom theme.

Bricks Vs Site Editor

Thoughts About: Live Page Building with Kevin Geary and Brian Coords

Kevin Geary and Brian Coords @ youtube.com  • 2 months ago

Brian Coords was using the Gutenberg Site Editor and Kevin Geary was using Bricks and ACSS. They were each to have 45-50 minutes to recreate a pre-selected part of the Ghost.org home page.

Brian began by introducing a custom block theme that he prepared for this stream. It was his starter theme where he added colors and maybe some spacing and other presets into theme.json.

I was surprised as I imagined that people would begin by picking a theme, but what we saw is that a custom theme is something a pro site builder might do. This was an “ah ha” moment that explains why pros using the Site Editor don’t understand the frustration others express … because they are working with the Site Builder as a theme developer or power user and using a totally different workflow.

Kevin showed how fast you can go with Bricks together with ACSS. He also talked about how a workflow using classes and CSS variables makes it easier to style consistently and to make changes down the road.

I think that people who were unfamiliar with Bricks and ACSS were just as surprised about this workflow as people who saw building with a custom block theme there were surprised by that approach to the Site Builder. So, there was an element of “what you are used to.” All in all, it was a very interesting session that was hosted by Mark Szymanski and Matt Eastwood.