Wordpress Playground Interview

Interview With Adam Zieliński the WordPress Playground Architect

Roger Montti @ searchenginejournal.com • 2 weeks ago

Roger Montti interviewed Adam Zieliński, the WordPress Playground Architect at Automattic. This was my question, which got answered:

“Site builders often have one or more “starter sites”, which seem to squarely line up with blueprints, though they usually include premium themes and plugins. Drupal has “Distributions,” which are basically pre-configured starter sites often with a niche focus.

Imagine a pre-configured install of core, a theme, a membership plugin, and payment setup (waiting for gateway API keys). If you want a membership site then just install this and start adding content. Or a pre-configured help desk system and so on.

So, I’m wondering if the vision is that Blueprints will provide something similar?”